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Virgin Media

Improving candidate experience
for all applicants


Virgin Media Case Study

The Brief

“How do we bring our brand to life through the recruitment process and offer support and guidance to all our candidates?”


The Approach

Our approach hinged on finding a way in which the common pain points of candidates could be solved digitally.

This meant understanding what was functionally possible across both large scale recruitment and more specialist roles.

However it also involved creative workshops to establish how digital technology and the Virgin Media brand could be combined to create a solution that allowed for consistent communication with candidates while still injecting brand values throughout.

We ran a series of discovery workshops focused on unearthing what was unique to Virgin Media, helping the team uncover their EVP and evaluating the state of their current recruitment experience. 

The most important step was to put the candidate at the centre of this process. The first of our three workshops focused on mapping candidate experience with the Virgin Media HR team. 

We then worked closely with their recruitment solution provider to map candidate personas, and then validated those findings using surveys from actual candidates and hiring manager feedback. 

What this process allowed us to do was identify opportunities for Virgin Media to begin communicating with candidates where they don’t currently. 

"The team ran three well-structured, high energy, insightful workshops with our team and wider departments within our business"



“I’ve been highly impressed so far, by the quality of the work, the flexibility, passion, creativity and level of expertise Dave and the team have provided, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ph.Creative.”

Virgin Media

The Solution

From these sessions we’ve been able to create a candidate-centred platform that allows Virgin Media to offer support to all applicants.

Offering relevant resources to candidates at different stages of the recruitment process, the platform will also allow Virgin Media to measure candidate happiness levels in real time.