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Creating a world class destination for the 
best talent in banking and financial services.


Nationwide Case Study

The Brief

“How can we attract the best talent in banking and financial services using a specific employment and careers website?”


The Approach

From the very beginning we were open, honest and transparent with Nationwide. Based on diligent research, competitor analysis looking at best practice across multiple sectors, essentially telling them what they should have, not what they wanted to hear.

We provided a “central hub and talent pipeline” to directly attract new potential candidates to seek employment with Nationwide.

This strategy sought to avoid reliance on temporary agency staff and to achieve major financial savings on cost per hire as well as time and resources spent on recruitment of temporary agency workers.

Understanding Nationwide’s brand played an important part in the discovery process. This meant understanding their values inside and out, knowing their goals and creating a strategy that matched this.

We discovered we needed to deliver high quality candidates to the business across six key business divisions, resulting in excess of 4,500 hiring per year. To do this required an engaging and outstanding candidate experience that matched Nationwide’s friendly and caring brand.

We used “heat maps” to gain insights into how to build the website to encourage engagement, keeping application conversion in mind – to drive quality candidates to apply for roles and helping Nationwide to build passive and active talent pools.

The website was designed mobile-first, placing the candidate at the heart of the site planning and architecture, UX and UI, content strategy and user behaviour. The site needed to be fully integrated with a third-party applicant tracking system, Lumesse. This gave us the opportunity to work with developers around the world to deliver the perfect solution for Nationwide. 

"Ph.Creative help us define and better target key audiences. The findings were really insightful and as a result we have a better informed team that are thinking more like marketers each and every day."


The Solution

Our innovative and problem solving approach fully meets and exceeds our customer’s expectation and delivers to them outstanding saving outcomes and business growth.

Our approach to both Search Engine Optimisation and site usability ensures the website helped track potential recruits for a range of positions and keywords, from Call Centre Operators to more specialist roles, to cut inefficiency and waste.

The impact of our approach can be further illustrated by recognising that in the same time period our strategy for Nationwide delivered 886 hires compared to only 4 hires via Total Jobs and Monster.