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Broadbean Case Study

The Brief

Issues with Broadbean’s 301s redirects caused problems with rankings and traffic to their website, due to duplicate content and mixed languages. How can this be solved so that these areas are improved?


The Approach

We started the approach with SEO and content first which allowed us to migrate all content into our starter kit. This enabled us to focus on the multilingual requirement of the site, rebuilding the job board directory with additional functionality requirements. To validate our approach we did SEO, content and competitor analysis.

The second part of phase one involved the design of the website, concentrating specifically on the homepage and style guide. We created UI and UX wireframes to understand the way in which users were using the site and engaging with certain areas. Heat mapping also contributed to this, which informed our decisions on design in order to maximise traffic and conversions by adding event tracking to their external login call to action, to reduce bounce rate.

In order to regain traffic and rankings the website needed to be content mapped and multilingual and also include their job board directory including all the data within this section. Speed of page load and bounce rate needed reducing in order to increase conversions. The site structure needed bettering to gain more organic traffic and a flexible content management system needed implementing to improve efficiencies in B2B marketing.


The Solution

We provided Broadbean with an easy to use content management system that they can autonomously manage. We also created a mobile responsive website to generate leads and showcase experience. We integrated the site with Hubspot and provided Broadbean with a central, global job board directory including multi-lingual functionality, with the ability to add more languages

We completed phase one and phase two, phase one already seeing a 19.5% increase in organic traffic. With really positive increases in various areas from phase two through to the present. We have recently added an SSL based on googles recommendations.