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Targeting the right candidates
through social media


BAE Case Study

The Brief

“How can we advertise job roles when the information is so guarded and with so many hurdles relating to confidentiality?”


The Approach

Given the obvious limitations, we took the approach of emphasising the mystery surrounding BAE, rather than struggle to work around the guarded nature of this project.

Storytelling played a huge part in communicating the worthy work BAE has done, without revealing key information.

After the initial idea generation, a number of concepts were refined, offering a range of solutions, design options and thought processes. These were presented to various layers of management, allowing us to focus in on the right concept.

The discovery stage was key as we not only needed to understand BAE’s personas but also the constrictions and limitations around the language we could use.

Running workshops and persona mapping sessions based on 25 employees from all areas of the business, we gained important insights into their roles and greater understanding of the type of language and information we could divulge in order to attract the very best candidates.


"Everything we do creates a safer future. In a new age of cyber threats, our people have a shared vision to protect the connected world."


The Solution

We created an overarching campaign using messaging around ‘unseen heroes’ and ‘making a difference in the world.’

This concept was then used to target two separate audiences in 31 different locations. Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we combined visual assets including animated gifs alongside compelling copy to attract the best candidates without revealing too much about the role.