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SEO for Careers Websites is Essential to Win the War for Talent.

When talent is searching you out, can you afford not to be found?

SEO for Careers Websites

Is Your SEO activity driving sufficient prospective candidates to you careers website? Most careers websites rank in search engines much lower than job boards or recruitment agencies and as a result they fail to attract sufficient volumes of prospective candidates looking to change their jobs.

A well optimized careers website that ranks in search engines for hard to fill or competitive roles can save considerable budget, reduce your time to hire and increase the caliber of candidates too.

There’s many reasons why brands tend not to have a well-optimized careers website however usually it comes down to budget, resources and different priorities demanding the attentions of a busy, sometimes under resourced talent attraction team.

As behaviors and expectations of candidates change, the role a careers website plays in a well-rounded talent attraction strategy is increasing and becoming evermore important.

As time goes by, if SEO is ignored, it will become increasingly more difficult to rank against competitors and mature, well ranking websites competing to win the attention of top talent.

We understand all aspects of SEO from technical on-page SEO structure to creative off-page link building techniques and we can help you improve your search engine visibility.

As mobile traffic increases and as competition gets tougher online, the use of Google AMP, schema tags, technical SEO and optimized social signals and external links can all deliver the marginal gains you need to increase the visibility of your careers website.

We have helped many brands increase their search engine rankings that have contributed towards reducing agency spend and job board reliance making a dramatic reduction in both time and cost per hire.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you achieve better more independent and sustainable talent attraction results by improving your SEO, we’re ready to talk to you.

In the meantime, why not download our free guide to optimizing your careers website or request an audit of your website so we can determine exactly what you need to do to start improving how you rank in search engines.

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