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Candidate Experience Design

Creating a smooth and memorable journey

Candidate Experience Design

At the end of every process, social channel or website, there is a real person contemplating a life decision that involves you. We can sometimes forget about this fact when working in the digital world, so that’s where our candidate experience design service comes into play.

In every piece of design, whether a landing page, social post or downloadable asset, it’s our duty to walk through that experience first hand and design something that engages at every turn and represents your brand. Through understanding this process we’re able to influence how your audience will feel at each stage of the process.

Our process maps four key attributes of the candidate experience:

  • How does the candidate feel at every stage of the candidate journey?
  • What are they thinking?
  • How easy is it to progress through the stages of the journey?
  • What does the candidate remember about each stage of the process?

These elements help us pinpoint where we can make a difference in your candidate’s journey. Once we understand these four key elements, we can factor in other influences such as stakeholders, company stories, environment and expectations.

Every brand creates an experience of sorts, but less than one percent of brands proactively design that experience in order to produce real results. Do you want to be in that one percent? If you do, and you want to know more about how your brand can benefit then simply get in touch today

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