Stories sell, inspire and move audiences into action. That’s why we created our podcast Getting Goosebumps: The Power of Storytelling. When it comes to recruitment, it takes more than statistics to elevate a brand. By incorporating storytelling, you are able to humanize your brand, taking your careers website to the next level.

So, today, I’m pleased to introduce you to 100 copywriters who possess fresh, insightful marketing advice. They're some of the best on the planet. But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at the carefully constructed list below…

You can consider this the ultimate list of storytelling advice and copywriting gems! Now, you too can start to craft amazing stories, compelling e-mails and articles that resonate.

NOTE: there are a few articles included herein which have less to do with advice on copywriting or storytelling or selling, but the way they're structured lay out the golden formula for you.

In other words, you can take these tips and methods to the bank.

Enjoy the list and share the love! Thank you.

Alex Terris 


~ Email and Lead Generation Copywriter.

If your customer knows he can try the product, see if it works and get a full refund if it doesn’t…he feels much more secure.

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How A-List Copywriters Craft Guarantees That Pull 5x More Sales

How to Increase the “Perceived Impact” of Lead Magnets for a Fast Conversion Boost

Double Your Opt-in Rate by Split-Testing Lead Magnets

Amy Harrison


~ Teaching businesses to say NO to boring content. Host of AmyTV. Part-time bluegrass singer.

Customers are cynical. They’re not just going to take your word for it, you have to show them the proof behind the promise.

Top recommended articles

How ‘Umbrella Terms’ Make Your Copywriting Bland and Invisible

Using Seductive Symptoms to Write Better Copy

How to Make Your Copywriting as Irresistible as Cookies or Puppies

Angela Booth


~ I'm a copywriter, ghostwriter, author, and blogging enthusiast. Free Library, Guides for writers:

Here’s the big short story secret: set a deadline. Then meet the deadline.

Top recommended articles

Copywriting: Speak the Language, Then Sell

Short Story Secret: Set Your Deadline

Writing Process: Build Up Your Writing; Write Faster And Better

Anita Ashland


~ Email Copywriter. Blogger. Humor Columnist. Data Analyst. INFJ, Kindle author.

The worst are entrepreneurs who insist they want stories in their emails, but it quickly becomes clear they request this only because they think it’s the latest fad.

Top recommended articles

How to use the Star Wars approach to storytelling in your email copy

Marketing and storytelling lessons from QVC

Is there a “we” in your email copy?

Anna Butler


~ Self-confessed word nerd, perpetual student and arm-chair psychologist.

When you’re true to yourself, your business, and your customers, you don’t need to live up to a fake persona

Top recommended articles

7 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Copywriter

The prince, the pauper and the near beheading of Cinderella

10 awesome gifts for word nerds (and copywriters!)

Barry Feldman


~ Focused on effective digital marketing #content marketing consultant #copywriter #creative director #social media advisor #author #rock n' roller

You either get remembered or forgotten. It’s time to sharpen your storytelling skills.

Top recommended articles

The Best Copywriters Offer Great Copywriting Secrets

Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills to Earn the Audience’s Attention

Storytelling Tips from the Roller Derby Queen

Belinda Weaver


~ I can teach you how to create compelling, profitable copywriting that sells stuff. Love my pug, great cups of tea and short weeks.

Marketing brochures have the potential to be incredibly persuasive salespeople when you’re not there.

Top recommended articles

The secret to mind-blowing copywriting? A detailed copywriting brief

Good and Bad Brochure Copywriting: A Tale of Two Marketing Brochures

FAQ page fails that cost you business (and how to write one that converts cruisers into customers)

Ben Palmer-Wilson


~ UK Copywriter; Tech and Video Games excite me.

We all hate spam. It’s the bane of copywriters, and indeed everyone everywhere – and it’s chock full of bad copywriting and grammar mistakes.

Top recommended articles

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail!

Consumers HATE words…

How a complete stranger (and copywriting noob) FINALLY got me to open my first sales email..

Ben Locker


~ Copywriter, @procopywriters co-founder, Triumph enthusiast, modern Tory, from Stamford, loves Colchester, borough councillor.

It’s these shared stories that, in my opinion, run deeper than any artificial flag-waving notion of Britishness.

Top recommended articles

It’s people, not just the pills, that will cure my depression

How love stopped my depression from becoming suicide

It’s shared stories that unite us, not ‘Britishness’

Ben Settle


~ Shamelessly makes a living writing a quick email each morning and then goofs off the rest of the day. Kinda like a bum, but who gets paid…

One of my biggest influences I talk about in the Street-Smart Email System is talk radio host Michael Savage.

Top recommended articles




Carolyn Frith


~ Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. I transform complex B2B products into captivating heroes that solve problems in amazing ways.

Your sales people depend on you to use content marketing to generate brand awareness and leads.

Top recommended articles

For Content Marketers: The Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story

Website Copywriting Tips from Warren Buffett

B2B Content Marketing Trends For 2015

Casey Hibbard


~ Author of Stories That Sell, and owner/customer case study specialist at Compelling Cases

Storytelling has always been important to human society. From our earliest days, it's how we learned and understood the world.

Top recommended articles

A CEO’s Storytelling Manifesto

Storytelling for Causes

Copywriters: Homework Makes You a Better Case Study Writer

Casey Demchak


~ Copywriting tips, webinars and e-books from a proven expert at writing sales copy that: generates leads, results in more sales and skyrockets your success.

Prospects can smell marketing B.S. a mile away, and it puts a really bitter taste in their mouths

Top recommended articles

Master Headline Setups and Payoffs

Why Your Sales Copy MUST Be Real and Authentic

How to Build Sales Copy that Sells the Savings

Catherine Toole


~ Founder of Sticky Content. Conference speaker, trainer, Drum content awards judge. Copy optimisation addict.

So many times we start out to tell a story and end up with what is basically an embellished case study or ‘customer story’.

Top recommended articles

Where are the stories and the feelings in B2B?

THE END. The top 5 barriers to b2b brand storytelling

The 3 key elements of a successful digital tone of voice

Chelsea Baldwin


~ Founder of Copy Power. Writer & marketing consultant. Anti-fluff copy to turn readers into devotees. Also known as Carmen Sandiego.

… when you ask someone a rhetorical question, it creates an open loop in their mind.

Top recommended articles

When You Should Favor Logic Over Emotion in Copywriting (Or in Science Speak: The Elaboration Likelihood Model)

Mind Control in Ads = So Wrong. Ego Seduction in Landing Page Copy = So Right.

3 Damn Good Reasons You Need Rhetorical Questions in Your On-Site Copy

Chris Marlow


~ The Original Copywriters Coach

… the vast majority of businesses spend most of their money and time chasing new business…. …while ignoring the business they’ve already captured.

Top recommended articles

Do you make this very common copywriting mistake?

Here’s the stupidest things copywriters and clients do…

Do you know this dirty little secret about the copywriting niche?

Claire De Boer


~ Writer & teacher, helping people to write their stories and live wholehearted lives through expressive writing. Editor for @shelovesmag #yourstorymatters

There is a love for life that comes from an unknown part of me, yet in dark times it is such a small bead of light, I can barely touch it.

Top recommended articles

Why I’m Grateful For My Struggle With Depression

I Have No Right?

More Than a Number

Clement Lim


~ B2B copywriter and content marketer.

Your blog posts should be written in a conversational style. This will make them more accessible and less intimidating, especially to newcomers to your industry.

Top recommended articles

9 Simple Strategies to Increase Your Customer Engagement

How to Find Interesting Topics to Write About for Your Company Blog

Why You Need a Unique Value Proposition to Stand Out From Your Competition

David Rosam


~ The SEO Copy and Content Marketing Blog, written by SEO and copywriting veteran David Rosam.

Make it easy for your readers by telling a focused, structured story with your content.

Top recommended articles

SEO Copywriting = Content Marketing?

The single most important question in copywriting

Write using themes, not key phrases. How to construct content for people and search engines

Daniel Levis


~ Copywriting, marketing consultant, info-marketing, human being extraordinaire

Words are symbols — representations of reality. They cause a kind of Pavlovian reaction

Top recommended articles

From Zero to Hero: How Copywriting Created a Multi-Millionaire Out of a Homeless Nobody…

Copywriting Witchcraft And The Black Arts Of Persuasion Part – 1

Streamlined Strategies for SELLING with Social Media

Danielle Styles


~ Copywriter & capoeirista. Helping you explain the true value of things to encourage positive action.

Today’s buyers are empowered, informed and – crucially – pro-active. They’ve got Google, so if you’re a great fit for their needs they’ll find you.

Top recommended articles

How to write for social marketing (beating the Big Bad Testicular C.)

Content marketing: How to befriend customers and motivate people… by making life better

4 tricks from Brazilian football that will make you a better copywriter

Dan Stelter


~ Follow for #leadgen and #b2bmarketing secrets to drive your ROI through the roof. ☛ FREE: get 37 questions to make engaging B2B content

A compelling call to action is urgent, specific, and highlights your primary benefits

Top recommended articles

Damn! Copywriting Takes a Long Time – Here’s Why

What is a SEO Copywriter? What is SEO Copywriting?

Copywriting 101: What This Home Page Does Right (and Wrong)

Dawn Mentzer


~ Freelance content writer / copywriter with sterling left/right brain balance. I tweet about marketing, business, social media, writing, & stuff that amuses me.

After working full-time as a freelance writer these past five years, I’ve learned that the size of clients often has very little to do with how fulfilling—and lucrative—the working relationships will be.

Top recommended articles

Does [Client] Size Matter?

I Took A 9-Day Break From Social Media—And I (And My Business) Survived!

Is It A Good Idea To Be “Friends” With Your Clients On Facebook?

Donna Baier


~ Writer, Publisher, Copywriter

Life is a story we're meant to live through... and both you and me are the pages.

Top recommended articles




Donnie Bryant


~ Helping you connect with your “should-be” clients. Direct response copywriter.

Customers see your products as THEY are. Their desires and beliefs dictate how they perceive your business and your USP.

Top recommended articles

Another Angle on Storytelling

The Belief-Based USP

Foolproof Attention-Getting Tactics of Great Copywriters

Doug D'Anna 


~ Doug D'Anna creates advertising that makes people money using time-proven and time-tested copywriting techniques.

If you are going to model someone's work, it's not the words you need to model but the thoughts behind them.

Top recommended articles

Are you an innovator or an imitator?

The Bridge to Your Next Copywriting Breakthrough

My Three-Part Copywriting Success Formula

Doug Kessler


~ Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity, B2B marketing agency to the stars.

The best copywriting looks the prospect squarely in the eye and says, “I’m going to sell to you and you’re going to enjoy it.”

Top recommended articles

Focusing on the STORY in the User Story

Ten ways that B2B marketing copy goes wrong

The power of “You”: the 2nd person singular in B2B copywriting

Edward Beaman


~ Building copywriter. Writing website content for building contractors and architects. For more info see:

Top Gear was never for everyone nor should any programme be.

Top recommended articles

Who is the creepy business owner hiding behind that website?

Website Copy Lesson from an Eagle Drone Hunter

Market Yourself Like Top Gear if You Want Fewer Clients

Ed Gandia


~ I believe that talented freelancers should earn more in less time, doing work they love, for better clients. So I teach them how to do that.

Most traditional businesses are constantly looking for an edge. An advantage over their competitors.

Top recommended articles

#058: Bob Bly: A Candid Talk With a Legendary Copywriter

Work With What You’ve Got (to Get to Where You Want to Go)

Writers and Copywriters: Stop Offering Happy Meals

Eric Moeller


~ Marketer, sales copywriter & startup mentor. Helps startups and challengers achieve rapid growth. Founder at @CopyDojo. Seth Godin’s altMBA alumni & coach.

A good story needs to explain what actions were taken and who took them. The transformation achieved should illustrate the outcome of the actions taken.

Top recommended articles

Why You Should Use Storytelling in Your Copy

Copywriting Insights from Joseph Sugarman

Why Customer Empathy is Critical To Your Success

Gabriella Sannino


~ International Marketing Consultant & SEO Strategist | Si, sono Napoletana | ENFJ | Owner of @Level343

A product or service is only worth what the market will bear.

Top recommended articles


Establishing your Perceived Value

The Importance of Being in Tune with your Market’s Culture

Glenn Murray


~ Father, husband, copywriter, reader, opportunistic runner. Of and for the 99%. Me: , & .

When I changed from the simple inverted pyramid approach, on my SEO ebook sales page, to a story-telling approach (but still leading with the big point), my sales increased significantly.

Top recommended articles

Inverted pyramid v story-telling - Which copywriting approach do you use?

This is why clients undervalue copywriters

Web copywriter or content writer: Is there a difference?

Heather Lloyd-Martin


~ SEO copywriting geek chick. International speaker.  Book author. SEO Copywriting Certification developer. Digs content marketing and the tasty art of persuasion.

When a client tells me their customer service is excellent, I ask them to give me specific examples of how they treat their customers.

Top recommended articles

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Copywriting Clients Deliriously Happy

How to write sales copy that turns your readers on

How to transform blah into bang with SEO copy editing

Jaffaman Eddie


~ Content & Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, personal branding guy & Entrepreneur, surfer, guitar player, dad, lover of life & business

Use real photos and videos of real clients that represent the people you help instead of stock images.

Top recommended articles



3 Ways To Overcome Objections in Copy

James Chartrand 


~ Owner of Men with Pens web design/copywriting biz. Founder of Damn Fine Words, the writing course for business owners. And more than just a pretty face.

Stories have the power to break hearts and break homes. They can start wars – or stop them.

Top recommended articles

How to Write Great Copy using Storytelling Techniques

How to Paint Magical Words with Storytelling Impact

The Ethics of Whoring Your Storytelling

James Wondrasek


~ Copywriter, bull fighter, moon lighter, flow rider

Imagine a brave online world of fists. In that world are you a fist count half-full or half-empty kind of person?

Top recommended articles

The Best Short Form Writing Tool Ever

Hey, Social Media! Get smarter and richer with this one little trick

Jay White


~ Email and autoresponder copywriter, marketer, coach and speaker. If you want sales messages that get opened, get read, and get click-thrus, let's talk!

I didn't start with a hard sell about a high ticket item (which it is). I came in "soft" with a sweet story that any parent can relate to.

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19,755 Businesses are Looking For Copywriters Right Now–And This is How You Find Them…

Wax on, Wax off: How the Karate Kid Can Help You Sell Without Selling in Your Emails

Selling Celebrity: How the Duck Dynasty Controversy Can Get More of Your Emails Opened…

Jen Havice


~ Conversion copywriter. I write the words that make websites sell. Plus, I ride horses and never met a piece of chocolate I didn't like.

Have you ever had a conversation with an old friend and suddenly found out something totally unexpected about him? Something you probably should have known?

Top recommended articles

Lose The Mission Statement And Find The Message

You Can Write Persuasive Copy Without Being a Sleazeball… Really

Using Voice of Customer Research to Lift Conversions – Case Study

Jeremy Reeves


~ Expert Direct Response Copywriter & Split-Testing Specialist

Right now, at this very second, you have untapped revenue streams sitting within your current business, waiting to be tapped.

Top recommended articles

Bill Caskey On Using Your Mindset To Sell More

The 10-Step Personal Coach Email Campaign Template

Jonathan Friedman On Using Digital Body Language To Increase Conversions

Jesse Lanclos


~ Pro blogger & copywriter for hire. You can sell more, earn more, & get more done. I'll show you how.

It's not rocket science, but effective calls to action are missing from most websites I see.

Top recommended articles

How to Turn "Who Cares?" into "I'm Listening"

The Kick-Butt Formula for an Irresistible Call to Action

How to Increase the Sales of Your Product - Without Being Sneaky or Pushy

Joanna Wiebe


~ I teach startups how to convert like mofos using li'l ol' words, old-skool copywriting and new-skool smartz.

… people who write articles about copywriting often have an intuitive talent for storytelling, but don’t fully understand how they do it.

Top recommended articles

Storyhacking: Cracking the Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories

Tone of Voice 101: How to Write Copy That People Can Connect With

Here’s why it’s so hard to write convincing copy

Joel Klettke


~ Professional loose cannon. CRO, copywriter, TEDx speaker. Yes, I can make your business more money. No, you can't wear my hat.

There are times when using jargon is the smartest thing to do.

Top recommended articles




John Carlton


~ copywriting guru, marketing wizard, all-around bon vivant, a tad nuts

Admit it if you aren’t sure what you want (or need). Double admit it to yourself if you’re absolutely clueless.

Top recommended articles

Confessions Of A Story Junkie, Part One

How To Create Your Own Damn Turning Point

How To Hire A Copywriter.

Jon Morrow


~ CEO of Smart Blogger, Former Editor at Copyblogger

Sometimes, you tell a story with no other purpose than bonding with your audience.

Top recommended articles

The Awesome Power of Seemingly Pointless Stories

How I Wrote Posts That Touched the Hearts of More Than 5 Million People

20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger Nobody Gives a Crap About

Jonathan Dune


~ Direct Response Consultant • Copywriter

The Average Child Asks 125 Questions a Day… But… the Average Adult Asks Only Six …

Top recommended articles

If Thou Hast Two Pennies…

27 Ways To Ask Better Questions…

Sidewalk Salesman By Day… Bon Vivant By Night

Josh Earl


~ Email copywriter—I'll build you a marketing conveyor belt that brings you new leads and sales 24/7.

The blind tease is a copywriting technique where you drop tantalizing hints to the reader without giving away the secret.

Top recommended articles

How to Inject Curiosity Into Your Copywriting with the “Blind Tease”

How to Avoid “Teleprompter Trap” in Your Copywriting

What’s the best way to learn copywriting?

Juho Tunkelo 


~ Direct Response Copywriter. Online Sales Guy. Fearless Life Explorer.

Be the one who DELIGHTS the subscriber, making them WANT to hear from you instead of dreading the next mailing.

Top recommended articles

The Ultimate Copywriting Reading List For Beginners

Is Marketing Really Manipulation?

Beware the Negativity

Kaleigh Moore


~ Copywriter & social media consultant. Always looking for my next adventure. Contributor @Entrepreneur and @Inc.

Studies from Stanford show that a person’s creative output increased by as much as 60% when walking—so taking a break to focus on something else can help you break through writer’s block.

Top recommended articles

The Ultimate Cure For Writer's Block: A Love Story

My Favorite Writing Strategy EVER (A How-To!)

How To Make Your Brand Voice Speak Your Customers’ Language

Karon Thackston


~ Website, conversion & SEO copywriter, consultant, speaker & trainer who is fascinated by consumer behavior.

You’ve only got about 3 seconds to grab your readers’ attention. You must amaze, shock, anger, scare, or identify with your readers immediately.

Top recommended articles

Storytelling: One of the Most Effective Marketing Methods of All Time (IF you Know these 7 Steps)

How to Use Storytelling in Copy for Better Results

How to Sell a Computer to Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Kay Ross


~ Marketing consultant editor copywriter storyteller actor improviser healer trainer. Born Glasgow; grew up Adelaide; in HK since Sept 93. Also @PlayPossible

When you talk or write about the benefits of your product or service, give specific, concrete, emotion-evoking examples.

Top recommended articles

Please Do Not Treat Your Customers Like This

A Feel-Good Story About A Cat – And Yes, It’s Relevant For Marketers

How to Write a Media Release and Influence a Journalist – Part 23

Kate Toon


~ Sydney’s favourite copywriter. I work with small businesses, agencies & big fat corporate brands to provide copywriting that’s affordable, reliable & wonderful.

Good SEO is about quality, not quantity, and one good piece of content can trump a thousand crappy links.

Top recommended articles

Running a 10-Day Challenge: The Ultimate Guide

How my vagina helps me write better copy

How to avoid Snake Oil SEOs

Kelvin Dorsey 


~ Michael Jordan plays ball. Steven Spielberg makes movies. I teach email-marketing. Everyone has a talent.

It’s the “element of surprise” Aristotle identified that triggers a little chuckle in us all.

Top recommended articles

How To Go All ‘Genghis Khan’ With Your Email Marketing

My Four Most Favorite Words

A Secret From 320 BC You Should Use In All Your Promotional Emails

Kevin Rogers


~ Best-selling author, small business advocate, Copy Chief.

Don’t have a story? Do a little research, and find a captivating story that matches the “theme” of the product.

Top recommended articles

Myth and Truth in Story Selling



Kim Curran


~ Author. Copywriter. Boss-level procrastinator. Books: SHIFT, CONTROL, DELETE and GLAZE.

I should bloody well hope that each book I write is better than the last. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Top recommended articles

The writer’s trajectory and why it’s OK to suck

An event that was out of this world

Love’s Couriers – A short story for Valentine’s Day.

Konrad Sanders 


~ Creative Copywriter. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Hat Wearer. Don Draper-Wannabe. Street Artist. Ukelele Player. Young Face, but an Old Soul...

I would love to say it’s the writer’s skill that drew you in. But alas, it’s just the tool I’m using – the awesome power of a good quick story.

Top recommended articles

A Lesson from Tyrion about Storytelling in Blog Posts

75 Bite-Sized Tips to Make You a Copywriting Badass!

7 Direct Response Copywriting Lessons from a Charity Fundraiser

Kyle Tully


~ Copywriter, consultant and Internet marketer.

“No excuses. No missed deadlines. No half-assed work. No ‘throwing it together’. No nothing except for your very best.” This goes for the work you do for yourself and your clients.

Top recommended articles

The “yes” trap

Gary Halbert’s #1 Secret

What Jay Abraham taught me about joint ventures

Lawrence Bernstein


~ Marketer/copywriter, dad, sportsman, oenophile, future full-time world traveler.

...storytelling, when used appropriately, can also be a powerful weapon in your copywriting arsenal.

Top recommended articles

Storytelling Power In Ad Copy

24 Copywriting Control Packages

Are all marketers liars? Sweet Sarah.

Lisa Manyon


~ Business Marketing Architect, #Speaker, #Strategist, #Copywriter, #Marketing magician,#Consultant, #Wine lover (aka entrepreneurial fuel), blogger and more…You?

We are the collaboration economy. YOU (people) are the true currency…

Top recommended articles

The Collaboration Economy: People are the TRUE Currency

Pain Points or PASSION Points?

Building Relationships & Business Growth With Content

Lorraine Thompson


~ New York copywriter, Copy Director at Camuto Group. I blog at , . All tweets/opinions my own.

Your dentist, for instance, can recount his life events with emotion. But that doesn’t make his recollection a story. And it doesn’t make you want to buy his root canal services.

Top recommended articles

7 Storytelling Secrets of Top Salespeople

Discover 7 Ways Storytelling Helps You Write Irresistible Copy

9 Tips on Writing Copy for Worthy Causes

Loz James


~ Copywriter, content marketer, husband & father. Discover the training & tools to become a #contentmarketing champion in your own online business...

Researchers have found that fiction simulates real life events and as such has an all too real effect on the reader.

Top recommended articles

Telling Stories: The Art of Writing With Jeff Goins

Storyselling: Fiction As Truth In Content Marketing

CC 051: The Copy Hierarchy of Needs: Ensuring Your Copywriting Meets Your Prospects’ Requirements With Will Hoekenga

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero


~ Copywriter, speaker, Internet marketer, mother, wife

Did you know all stories rely on a handful of the same plots? Whether you’re writing a 140 character Twitter note, a 350 word article, or a 150 page screenplay, each story will likely fall under one of the master plot lines.

Top recommended articles

The Hollywood Story of Red Hot Chicken

Powerful Storytelling for Web 2.0

The Art of Natural Storytelling: Adding the YOUto Your Copy!”

Marcia Yudkin

~ Creative marketing expert, information marketing mentor, copywriting guru, celebrated introvert. Free daily wisdom, techniques, tips.

The more you understand what media people consider newsworthy, the more easily you’ll be able to obtain media coverage.

Top recommended articles

Five Ways to Piggyback on a News Story

The Top 7 No-Hype Copywriting Techniques

Turn Words into Money with Copy That Even a Skinflint Can't Resist!

Matt Ambrose


~ B2B copywriter & marketing consultant. Tweeting about inbound marketing, email funnels and sales copy that converts.

People are hardwired to respond to stories. Use storytelling on how your product has solved someone’s problem to trigger the reader’s imagination and emotions.

Top recommended articles

15 Punchy Copywriting Tips

My Morning Routine

The Science of a Great Slogan

Matt Press


~ I'm Matt Press: sports fan, ex-Sky Sports editor, blogger, frustrated guitarist and owner of Splash Copywriters. I write words that work. For businesses.

Want words for a marketing campaign? Don’t be tempted to use a member of staff who ‘does a bit of writing’ in their spare time.

Top recommended articles

21 simple copywriting tips that will improve your business website today.

Grazia's PR disaster: here's a valuable lesson on how not to communicate to the world.

The Jurassic Park theory: a look at how can we write more effectively.

Mary Jaksch


~ Write to Done offers unmissable articles on writing. Mary Jaksch is the Editor-in-Chief. Join passionate writers!

The makeup of a well-crafted story comes down to interesting characters, relatable plots, and most importantly, a feeling of vulnerability and connection.

Top recommended articles

5 Elements for Crafting a Compelling Story Your Audience Will Love

The Chicken-Egg Paradox of Storytelling

Do You Know The Secret Sauce That Turns Stories Into Magic?

Marian Schembari


~ Copywriter, essayist, blogger. Expat & occasional recluse. Let's stay up all night and talk about our feelings.

I write like I talk. Sometimes I use the same word multiple times in one paragraph without consulting a thesaurus.

Top recommended articles

How to Move to a New City (and not cry in the corner from loneliness)

12 Important Aspects of Life That Are Hugely Overrated

Why I’m having the best week ever

Marcus Sheridan


~ Keynote Speaker & Author on Sales, Marketing, and Digital Business. Former Pool Guy and Founder of The Sales Lion. I eat Passion & Enthusiasm for breakfast.

Lego doesn’t sell “blocks” at all, they sell possibilities.

Top recommended articles

The Best Example of Brand Storytelling Ever: The Lego Movie

The Problem with Storytelling in Content Marketing

Blogging Didn’t Save My Business. Neither Did Content Marketing.

Michel Fortin


~ Copywriter, Internet marketing strategist, business owner, author, speaker. CEO of

Next, I try to find a storyline, a unique benefit, a certain angle, or a key piece of information. Some call it a “plot.” Others call it a “hook” or “the big idea.” It’s essentially the one element on which the entire copy hinges.

Top recommended articles

The Power of Positive Pressure

Use Scarcity To Sell, Not Scare

How I Write Copy in Seven Steps

Michael Stelzner


~ Founder: Social Media Examiner; host: Social Media Marketing podcast; author: Launch & Writing White Papers; committed Christian & dad. Snapchat: mikestelzner

When you tell a story, you allow listeners to live vicariously though you, and they will learn a lesson from it.

Top recommended articles

Story for Business: How to Create Stories That Move People to Act

Story as Strategy: How Social Storytelling Leads to Business

Michelle Salter


~ Freelance Copywriter. Contact me to discover what copywriting can do for your business. I'm also on Twitter as @CopyCookUK for food and gardening tweets.

Steer away from overt selling in an advertorial as it detracts from the story. Avoid mentioning anything salesy in the main body. It should read like a real feature or article, not a company promotion.

Top recommended articles

Let me tell you a story

Sea-splashed stories from Skiathos

Punchy press releases

Neville Medhora


~ Run a financial blog ( and other businesses.

Headlines aren’t just for copywriters.

Top recommended articles

Copywriting Headlines That Sell (with Templates & Swipe File)

How To Become A Copywriter (with No Experience)

Copywriting Exercises: Best Ways To Get Better At Copywriting

Nick Quick


~ Rogue email copywriter with a taste for adventure (ALSO: Wants cash-money flowing into your bank account...Inquire within.)

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.

Top recommended articles

Let Me Stuff Your Pocket Full Of Cold Hard Cash, Huh?

Singing The Praises Of List Demolition


Nick Usborne


~ Freelance writer, copywriter, author, speaker and coach – with particular interests in web content, the social web, and the freelance life.

Copywriters as a group are well protected from having their jobs outsourced or automated, but they can still be “downsized”.

Top recommended articles

4 Reasons why being a freelance copywriter is one of the best and safest jobs in today’s new world.

3 Ways for online copywriters to optimize every page of copy they write.

Nikki Groom


~ Storyteller & Copywriter. Champion of women. Leading with empathy. Brewing movements for many. // Currently: #100StoriesWorthTelling

If you’re passionate enough about something, START.

Top recommended articles

Katie Kozlowski: Facing it all with courage

How to find your message using one, simple question

You have too much talent and too little time to waste.

Oren Klaff


~ Author of #PitchAnything, Creator of #PitchMastery. This process has raised over $450M that engages #Investors Minds, Shows the Art of the #Pitch & Wins #Deals.

The broad conclusion I have drawn is that buyers come to hear your pitch for one reason: curiosity. This is true of investors, purchasing agents, CEOs, etc.

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An investor watches your presentation the same way a 10-year-old boy watches action movies

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Patty DiMaggio


~ As an AWAI trained B2B Copywriter, I help businesses grow by creating persuasive content that attracts new business and nurtures existing relationships.

Content marketing has exploded. And it’s not just Business to Consumer (B2C) companies marketing their brands through content—Business to Business (B2B) companies are following suit.

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5 B2B Content Marketing Myths Debunked

How to Write Homepage Content for Your Website

Ryan Healy


~ Freelance writer. Author of Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers (on Kindle). I tweet about business, selling, economics & politics.

Labels are powerful. Everything you think you know about a group of people is summed up in the label you apply to them — even if your assumptions are incorrect or you don’t fully understand their position.

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Ryan McGrath


~ Writer, copywriter, marketer, real estate investor, publisher

Ever since I was in third grade, I knew I was going to be a professional writer.

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Pulp Fiction Copywriting

David Ogilvy on Moonlighting

The Greatest Little Book on Salesmanship Ever Published

Rachel Foster


~ Toronto-based freelance copywriter who helps B2B technology marketers get more leads and sales. Loves Lindy Hop, Pilates and French macarons.

Stories can help you connect with customers on an emotional level, show your value and stand out from the competition.

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Raymond Duke 


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Smart businesses stay ahead of the trends.

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Rick Duris


~ Top 10 #Copywriter

Over the past few years, social media marketing has shifted a great deal, and we’ve almost reached a point where what works to drive engagement and clicks on a social network one day, may not the next.

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Influencer Marketing: It’s all about the audience

Robert Bly


~ Copywriter, Internet Marketing Consultant, Content Writer, and Information Marketer

Most people are me-oriented and most companies seem us-oriented. For instance, in its annual report, one software company featured the same image every year: a nice picture of its building.

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The More You Tell, the More You Sell

How To Sell Information in The “Information Age”

How to overcome price resistance when selling high-priced information products

Peter Michaels


~ Conversion copywriter helping startups, entrepreneurs and biz-owners communicate & convince. Psych-rock aficionado. Photographer. Essentialist.

Truth is, in most people’s eyes, upselling is unwanted, intrusive and irritating

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The Truth About Your ‘About’ Page Copy And You

Peter Hopwood


~ Public Speaking & Startup Pitch Consultant / International MC / Copywriter / British Voiceover Talent / Passionately Energizing ideas to stand out with impact

How many times have you heard in a professional bio ”I’m motivated, creative and hard-working”? Just like the other thousands of professionals on the planet!

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How to Write a Professional Bio That Rocks

Copywriting Tips: Opening Lines to Hook Your Readers

How to Use The Power of Suggestion

Phil Williams


~ Copywriter and editor, based in #Brighton where the sun always shines (except when it doesn't). Here to discuss words and internet adventures.

The temptation is always there to go for the masses. To write something immortal and accessible, something clear and consumable – something that everyone will see and like. But that’s not necessarily what your client needs.

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Narrative Adverts: right and wrong ways to tell a story

The dangers of writing for mass appeal

Why writing in the second person is so motivating

Peter Bowerman


~ Veteran commercial freelance writer, and author of the quadruple-award-winning how-to guide on the subject, The Well-Fed Writer.

As kids, it was our mantra to our parents, “Tell me a story!” But no matter how old we get, we never tire of hearing stories.

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Be a Good Storyteller, Be a Better Copywriter


Here’s How My First “Well-Fed Wednesday” Went (that “Six-Hours-of-Open-Phone-Calling” Thing…)

Ryan Hanley


~ VP of Marketing, Keynote Speaker, Author, @AgencyNation. Teach brand #contentmarketing. Drop knowledge on the scope:

Have you been to the movies lately? You’re going to pay $12, sit in an uncomfortable seat surrounded by 100 strangers just for opportunity to experience a great story.

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I studied 21 world-class content marketers for over a year. Here’s what I learned…

Why Digital Marketing is Still a Mystery to the Insurance Industry (and how to fix it)

7 Secrets of Storytelling Success (from a recovering corporate writer) {Letter #7}

Sara Nichols Barton


~ Creative copywriter & digital native. Coffee junkie & wine lover. Fangirl of Paris & NYC. Aspiring chef & picture-taker. Junior Leaguer & Girl Scout.

There’s a delicate balance between a hobby and an obsession, so if your cube is covered with photos and artifacts of your favorite hobby, we wonder if you spend more time daydreaming about your hobby than actually doing your work.

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A Tale of Two Kitties

Confessions of a Digital Hoarder

All I Need to Know About Marketing, I Can Learn From Lady Gaga

Sarah Turner


~ London copywriter who hates blah blah copy especially the words 'solution' and 'strategy'. And loves starting sentences with 'And'. And yes you can.

One of the best things about being a Londoner is that you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s greatest art.

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To Jaw-Jaw: Rhetorical Techniques used by Winston Churchill

Kaput, Kitsch and Wanderlust: We Have Ways of Making You Talk

The fine art of talking cobblers

Sarah Townsend


~ Freelance copywriter and editor since 1999. Lifelong grammar grouch. Likes sarcasm, films and fairy lights. Instagram addict. Bakes a decent cake.

When even our gr8 gran cn spk txt, maybe it’s understandable that we think we can leave proofreading to the computer spellchecker. We know we shouldn’t. Computers can’t check context: they don’t know if we meant there, their or they’re, affect or effect, loose or lose.

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Seven hot tips for writing engaging social media posts

Scott McKelvey


~ I write marketing content that people want, like, share and remember. Content Writer & President, Scott McKelvey Copywriting & Marketing, Author of the McBlog.

A good story helps us process information more clearly. It helps the brain focus so we can better understand complex concepts.

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Why Storytelling Done Right Will Captivate Your Audience

The Number One Rule of Storytelling in Marketing

Why Captain Obvious Should Sign Off on Your Marketing

Stephen Dean


~ I write sales copy that demands champagne celebrations.

Make sure to hire a copywriter that knows how to paint your product as a no-brainer purchase in a recession. It takes more than it used to – and your biggest competitor isn’t another product, it’s buying nothing at all.

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The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read

How to Maximize the Value of Any Information Product You’ve Ever Bought

Booming Businesses In A Struggling Economy

Sean Platt


~ Publisher, entrepreneur, co-author of Write. Publish. Repeat. I write awesome books. People like them. Try one for free:

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Creating Audio Dramas with Michael Coorlim

Have a Tribe and Love Your Tribe

Multi-Sense Storytelling and Expanding Your Reach with Cameron Drew

Stephen Marsh


~ Copywriting services for the web and print.

When a copywriter decides to include a hilarious comment about being too lazy to get dressed, they’re forgetting the professional copywriter. When somebody uses boiler-plate blog posts (‘X Ways To Do XYZ’), they’re forgetting the creative copywriter.

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Copywriter, Wear Some Trousers

Write Less. Do More.

Four Obvious Things About Copywriting

Sonia Simone


~ writer; marketer; kettlebell junkie; meditator. chief content officer & co-founder of rainmaker digital. believer in peace, love, and the scientific method.

What makes a writer great? Tremendous love for the audience and the topic. What I call G.A.S. — giving a shit. You have to care a lot — about language, about your readers, and about what you write about.

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How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn

Getting to Freedom and Business Clarity

A Simple, Powerful Creativity System to Capture and Generate More Ideas

Sophie Lizard


~ Pro blogger & copywriter. Amateur parent. Here to help you make money with words. P.S. I love brains; please show me yours.

NO freelance blogging contract on this planet requires you to host your client within your body for 9 months.

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Why Starting a Freelance Business Is *Nothing* Like Having a Baby

Freelance Blogging With No Time and No Money: How One Single Mom Made It Work

Steve Tannuzzo


~ America's Favorite Freelance Copywriter.

… ultimately, your brand story is about the customers and their experiences.

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Why You Must Tell the Story of Your Business

Seven Copywriting Services to Grow Your Business

Copywriting vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Suzan St Maur


~ Content Strategist, Business Writer, Best-Selling Author, founder of award-winning writing resource....

We’ve all done it: carried on a lengthy email conversation by replying to the same thread multiple times. Usually by the end you’re talking about something completely different from what the subject line says.

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Why you gotta love politicians

Tautology: are you guilty of wasting words?

How to avoid embarrassing goofs in your email threads

Suzanne Hoare


~ Creative copywriter. Recovering lawyer. Happiness chaser. I think I'm addicted to bacon.

I’m a woman on a mission. And it’s not an impossible one. (Sorry Tom.)

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Writing isn’t just about being visible, it’s about being recognisable

Death to “kind regards” (and 17 alternative email sign-offs)

Basic Instinct

Steve Coombes


~ Christian, Husband, Father of 7, Prepper, Natural Health, Preparedness & Survival Copywriter & Public Speaker

...when something is offered free and advertised to the general public there is a catch. Always.

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Why Free Offers Aren’t Free

The Ultimate Bug Out Business

Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

Steve Slaunwhite


~ Author of 5 popular marketing books, including The Everything Guide To Writing Copy (Adams Media.) Award-winning marketing consultant and speaker. Erin's dad.

By simply staying in touch with me, with a few well-written emails, they turned this satisfied customer into an advocate.

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How to Double the Effectiveness of Testimonials

Marketing Lesson from a Flourishing Florist

Create your crowd

Tom Trush


~ Direct-response copywriting and marketing junkie, author, distance running addict, book buff, husband, dad and ASU Sun Devils fan

Use a high-priced item or two to make other options seem more affordable.

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These 3 Words Add Clarity to Whatever You Sell

How a Single Sentence Can Drive More Response to Your Marketing

Hidden Marketing Psychology That Produces Profits

Vicky Fraser


~ Copywriter. Author. Entrepreneur. Ran away with the circus. Big fan of the word 'spatula'. Lover of cheese. All views stolen from elsewhere.

Since then, the perfect clients have found their way to me – and my income has increased by about 7,500%.

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Waking up in a cold sweat

Are you instantly forgettable?

The harder you work the luckier you get

Will Hoekenga


~ Stirring things up at . I write words and move them around places. Formerly @LeadPages.

Creating awareness and attracting new leads into the top of your funnel will always be important, but what if the biggest opportunity for your business right now actually came from focusing inward instead of outward?

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