It’s no secret that Google holds the keys to the search kingdom. Get this: in 2015, there were over two trillion searches on Google - that’s just about 40,000 per second!

With mobile smartphones set to become the principal way we search and consume media, Google has been placing more focus on mobile optimised websites, ranking them favourably within SERP’s. This is hardly surprising, given that by 2017 it’s estimated over ⅓ of the entire world’s population will own a smartphone. As the tide turns and candidates become more device dependent, it’s not crazy to believe that mobile smartphones might replace computers in the not too distant future.

What is Google AMP?

Good question. Accelerate mobile pages are a way to build web pages for static content that render faster than normal web pages. This consists of three main elements:

  • Google AMP Cache
  • AMP JS

You can see this for yourself - simply go to any guardian URL and add /amp to the end. This will pull up an AMP version of that web page.

Why Google AMP?

  1. Faster loading speeds for candidates (4x faster than normal mobile pages)
  2. Increased search engine ranking for careers websites (mobile friendly, highly visible)
  3. Better Candidate Experience (AMP pages will be displayed ahead of normal mobile pages)

There are plenty of reasons why Google AMP will influence how candidates interact with your brand. If you’re not aware of these, then you’re no longer in control of your candidate journey and digital experience, which could be very costly! To make this decision simpler, here are three clear cut reasons why you should use Google AMP for your careers website today!

  1. Faster Loading Speeds for Candidates

Speed is important. In fact, if pages take more than 3 seconds to load, you could be losing valuable candidates right before your eyes. Research suggests that:

  • AMP pages are 4x faster, use 10x less data compared to non-AMP pages
  • On average AMP pages load in less than one second
  • 90 percent of AMP publishers experience higher CTRs
  • 80 percent of AMP publishers experience higher ad viewability rates

It’s well known that Google now place more focus on load speed and user experience. AMP is designed to provide just that: faster load speeds and a better, more seamless user experience.

  1. Increased Search Engine Ranking

Even though Google has not specifically stated that this will influence ranking factors , there is surely something more to it. Simply put: if you’re not on the AMP bandwagon, then you’re most likely going to see a drop in clicks, impressions and user engagement.

More and more brands outside of the industry (like eBay and Tripadvisor) are jumping on the bandwagon. AMP does affect clicks, impressions and user experience, which in turn influences SEO. AMP is only seen in the News carousel at the moment, but Google is currently holding the News carousel above-the-fold on mobile, which pushes down organic search results.

Remember, mobile friendliness is a ranking factor. I’ve seen careers websites that did not pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test plummet from top positions to no man’s land. Don’t let complacency become a killer. 40% of users will abandon a careers website that takes more than three seconds to load. Now consider that mobile pages often take at least eight seconds to load - talk about putting things into perspective!

  1. Improve Your Candidate Experience!

If you’re still undecided, consider this. Google has stated that if there are two versions of a web page (mobile and AMP), they will display the AMP version over a mobile optimised page.

I don’t need to tell you that experience is everything when it comes to your online presence now. Competition is high, and it’s the marginal gains that will set you apart from your competitors, provide great candidate experience and ultimately drive more hires (while reducing cost/time).  

So, if you’re thinking of incorporating AMP, don’t wait - the consequences could be dire. That doesn’t mean you need to AMP your homepage or entire careers website. At this stage, AMP is about lightning fast content and articles. Most homepages are visual and feature signposts that wouldn’t read too well in an AMP format. Just take The Guardian as an example - the homepage AMP is a 404, but all content is AMP. We’ve even rolled it out on our own blog, click HERE to see how this article looks.

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