Candidate experience simply isn’t subject to enough magic moments. Businesses need to shift their focus to these small yet crucial moments to really achieve lasting success.

You want your candidates to return

Much like the mentality of a driving test being a pass or fail scenario, a job interview is pretty similar. The one exception is that if you fail your driving test, you’re more than likely to take a look at where you probably went wrong and have another try. However, for disheartened candidates, this often isn’t the case!
This is the culture we should be breeding through our candidate experience mapping to ensure that people don’t get put off if they are unsuccessful. Just because you were unsuccessful the first time around, it doesn’t mean to say there won’t be another avenue, a different role or an exciting opportunity within that company that you can succeed in another time.
The quality of candidate experience however, determines the attitude of candidates in future. If a candidate has had a really terrible experience, then why would they re-apply in the future? I know I wouldn’t! By providing your candidates with a carefully devised, efficient journey, they will be far more likely to reapply.

You want high calibre candidates

The process of thorough talent attraction can be an expensive one. Especially if your efforts are specifically focused to your brand and a certain culture that you are attracting. So, this is where you should make the most of the unsuccessful candidates. Who knows, they could add value to your brand in a way you didn’t realize.
The biggest opportunity here is to change the expectations of candidates. This will give you the capacity to create a magic moment giving them more ammunition to reapply in the future.
Sometimes the effort you put into attracting candidates is only rewarded by the people that you hire, so that’s something you can control.

You want to attract the right talent

The biggest piece of advice and information I can give when it comes to another area of delight is regarding your brand culture and values. The more aware and confident you are in knowing your brand culture the easier it is when searching for the ideal candidate for your business.
Once you have laid these values and considerations out, this is when you can start matching these up with your perfect candidate. Factors such as personality, work ethic and professional values will all come into aligning their suitability to the values instilled in your brand culture.
By doing some empathy mapping you will be able to visualise and contextualise these specific areas, which will then enable you to make correlations between the both.
Once you’ve gathered a map of alignments from your brand values/culture with your candidates, this is the point at which you can start reaching out to them with complete precision, in order to manifest each moment as magical.
It’s these moments that will start to resonate with your candidate, adding value to your brand. Your candidates will appreciate these moments and begin to associate this magic with your brand.