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We're made up of creative thinkers, designers and marketers

and we all share the same values and beliefs

Talent on tap

We’re a team of 50 or so creative and talented individuals, dedicated to creating recruitment solutions for your business. Our goal is to help you become independent from recruitment agencies and especially their fees. Let us guide your business’ recruitment strategies and help you find the very best people to join your company.

Our team is spread over three offices: Liverpool, London and New York. We’re made up of creative thinkers, designers, developers and marketers who all share the same values and beliefs.

Culture plays a huge role in our thinking here. You can see this in our office space, through talking to our people and in the work we create for clients. We’ve scrutinised our own culture to ensure our own team is strong, motivated and ready to help you understand your own culture.

We know, and have proved here at Ph., that to understand what type of people will thrive in your company, you first need to understand your own company brand, values and goals. Each company we’ve worked with has their own unique spark, we make it our mission to find it and share that with your dream candidates.


We give our honest opinion even when it's not popular. We're not afraid to disagree or explore new options.


Every effort must count. We focus on achieving the end result in the best way possible.


If you don't understand it, you can't make it better. With clarity and simplicity we think creatively.


We're always looking for ways to break new ground and challenge convention.


A positive mindset brings better ideas. We want every journey towards success to be enjoyable.


We only work with clients if we can truly add value. We make all of our decisions based on doing the right thing.

We believe it should be easy for talented people to find their dream job

We also believe the potential of a business shouldn’t be held back by its people. Instead, it should be fuelled by its people.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, direction and creativity you need to make finding the talent you’re looking for effortless.

Most businesses find that the cost and time to hire new people is too high.

Instead of hunting for new talent we will help you farm and nurture prospective talent. It’s a much more sustainable, reliable and cost effective way to grow your business and achieve your potential.

Traditional recruitment methods are out-dated. Smart businesses are starting to see talent attraction as a continuous process, just like the process of finding new customers.

We’ll help you define who you are, who they are looking for and make the process of recruitment much simpler.